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New Projects in the Hallway!

I wrote a post about the group projects that we did as 1st year students. Ours got taken down and replaced by the current 1st year students, so I thought I’d share what the hallway looks like now!

The professor decided to have one less group this year, so my group’s board didn’t get taken down! However, it definitely looks worse than it did a year ago.

It’s hard to tell in the photo, but the paper on the window has been bleached by the constant sunlight all year. It’s not as vibrant as it used to be. The custodians also repainted the entire hallway, so everything that used to be on the wall was thrown away so they could paint underneath it. Unfortunately, that meant that a lot of our hard work is gone, and the papers left on the board don’t really make sense anymore.

Also, someone punched the globe, so it isn’t round anymore. At least I have proof that the wall used to look beautiful.


The dry needling board is really interesting! The dummy kinda looks like a voo-doo doll, and I love the massive needle and trigger point hanging from the ceiling.

The paralympics board is super creative, and there’s glitter all over the board so it’s probably one of my favorites.

Physical therapy specializations! The barbie dolls are pretty cute, and I always feel pretty tall when I walk by them (I’m 5’1″ and will never turn down a confidence boost!)

This board is called “The PT Times”, and it’s about current issues in physical therapy. I love that there are christmas lights, and there are pictures from the Anchorman movie hanging from the ceiling.


This board has a lot of red solo cups on it, and mini cups and needles hanging from the ceiling. The rainbow wheel in the middle actually spins, so it’s really fun to spin it every time you walk down the hallway.

Have you done any fun projects in PT school? Share below!

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