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My first post! It’s titled after the band I’ve been absolutely obsessed with for the past week. Here’s a link to the full album on Youtube if you’re interested.

I’m about halfway through the semester, and I’ve been pretty good about not procrastinating in my classes. I took anatomy this past summer in 6 weeks, so thankfully I kept my study habits. However, I did decide to make a blog when I have three midterms and three homework assignments within the next 8 days, so my priorities aren’t great on the weekends. I also spent all day drinking margaritas, eating tacos, and playing Pokemon Clue and Dance Dance Revolution. My exercise physio professor wanted us to exercise 30 minutes/day this weekend, so technically I was doing homework, right?

So I’m currently volunteering at three different physical therapy places for about 8 hours/week. One of them is the student health center, where I mostly fold towels for an hour and a half, and observe a PT for another half hour. One is with a PT who focuses on wellness/fitness, and she runs her own business out of her house. The last is with a program that works with kids with disabilities in a swimming pool. It’s run by two PT’s, and I usually work with one other volunteer and one swimmer.

This week at the health center, a patient brought her six year old daughter. She had a ninja sword and looked pretty bored, so I had to go play with her. We ended up playing with a soccer ball, since she plays soccer, and I grabbed a bunch of cones to set up a bowling game. She loved it when I made a giant tower of cones, probably because it made a huge mess when it fell down. She also told me about her halloween costume! She was the Incredible Hulk the previous year, and is going to be a ninja this year. She showed off her ninja sword, and IT MAKES SWOOSHY NOISES! Needless to say, I was incredibly jealous.


How did you complete your observation hours? Did you also juggle multiple clinics like me? Share your story below!

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