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Climbing Mt. Diablo!

(photo credit: Bay Area Climbing)

I had two midterms in the past two days. I have an anatomy practical on Monday, so this will be a quick post since I haven’t studied too much for that. While volunteering at the health center this week, the mom with the ninja daughter had another appointment. As she was leaving, she mentioned that her daughter wanted to come to her appointment so she could play with me. That made my day! I was hoping that she would be there so I could play games instead of fold towels, but oh well. Another patient was sitting down for her wax hand treatment, so I listened to her while she told me about her job as a janitor at one of the gyms on campus. She also shared stories about 10 or so dogs that she knows. She was fun to talk to.

I went toproping at Mt. Diablo yesterday with a group of friends. I’ve never climbed more than 20 or so feet, so this was so awesome! I climbed two routes, but the coolest was The Amazing Face (5.9+), which is a 90′ climb. I ended up stopping quite often to take a break, but I was kinda surprised that I wasn’t afraid of falling. The view was gorgeous and the weather was perfect. 🙂

There were three other climbers and their dog, Chicago. The dog would watch anyone who was climbing, and then ran over when you climbed down to make sure you were okay. We also kept our sandwiches in a tree so he couldn’t reach them, but he was so persistent that he kept climbing into the tree and also tried searching in another tree just in case we hid a sandwich in that one too.

Have you ever been rock climbing? Share your experience below!

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