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Inpatient Physical Therapy Observation

I have some spare time, between writing essays and learning basic biology again, so I started observing at an inpatient rehabilitation center.

I’ve only observed for 15 hours, but I’ve met some really cool people. There are two current PT students, one from CSU Sacramento and the other from Samuel Merritt. One told me about the PNF program at the Kaiser hospital in Vallejo, CA, so now I’m interested in neuro too.

I’m pretty sure every PT, aide, and patient believes that I’m in high school because I look so young, but I guess I’ll be appreciative of that when I’m older.

I love talking with the patients and learning about their lives. You ask them one question and they just talk forever. One woman has a little dog named Katie, and she teared up when she was telling cute stories because she missed her. Another patient was an incredible painter, and we bonded over our love of painting. He has an art gallery in town, and has shown his art all over the country. I went back to his room after his treatment, and he showed me his abstract paintings of jazz artists. I was so inspired by him. He missed being home and longed to paint again.

I really like this setting, especially because you’re able to see the same patient every day. Most of the people I’ve spoken too really look forward to their physical therapy, because they are able to talk to the therapists, aides, and other patients. Everyone is always laughing and joking with each other, and it’s an incredibly positive atmosphere.


Have you ever obeserved in a skilled nursing facility? Share your story below!

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