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What I Loved About Last Semester in PT School

I’ve been a bit down lately, and I realized that it’s so easy to feel overwhelmed with classes and get frustrated with professors. It’s easy to complain about your situation and dwell on the things that you cannot change. However, being in such a negative state was terrible for my health, and I haven’t been the super happy, bubbly person that I normally am.

Summer semester started yesterday, so I thought I would start it on a positive note. I know that I complained a lot about the Spring semester on this blog, but I realized that I don’t talk about enough positive experiences. I’ve been talking about the fun I have outside of the classroom, but not much that happens during the day. I love PT school, and there are so many great moments that make all the stress completely worth it.

My main goal this semester is to stop being so focused on the negatives and appreciate how much I love learning about physical therapy.

Here are some of my favorite parts about last semester:

  • I developed relationships with a lot of my classmates. I definitely kept to myself during the first semester of PT school, and I really tried to branch out and spend time with different people.
  • Carpooling to and from school was the highlight of every day. There are 5 of us that live in the same neighborhood, so we all drove to school together. We always played fun music, danced and sang along, sent funny Snapchats to each other, and just had a complete blast! Now that we have several classmates moving into the same neighborhood, our carpool of 5 is growing to 13 students. We’re all a little bummed that it won’t be the same anymore, but it was so great while it lasted.
  • Speaking of Snapchat, pretty much everyone in our program uses Snapchat. We’ll take snaps during class (rarely haha), during lunch time, or after class. It’s entertaining and it gives us an outlet to have fun with each other while we’re busy working hard. A group of classmates started taking photos during class of others and drawing on them, and then sending the snaps to everyone in class. It was so hard to not check my phone during class, but watching all the snaps was always hilarious.
  • One of our classmates started taking people’s phones during break and taking selfies. There are probably selfies on everyone’s phones, so its funny to be browsing through your photos and randomly find some selfies haha
  • We all had to make a Powerpoint presentation about any PT topic that we wanted to research. We were encouraged to make it entertaining, so one classmate’s presentation had different backgrounds, funny pictures, and each slide transition was obnoxious. It was a hilarious presentation, and I’ve never paid more attention during a student presentation.
  • We listened to fun music during Kinesiology labs. We learned about torque and gravity at the beginning of the semester, and she played “Defying Gravity” from the Wicked soundtrack. Several of us were singing the song and it was lots of fun.
  • We had several snow days throughout the semester, which was super cool because I’ve never lived anywhere close to the snow. I loved when there was snow on the ground and I could frolic through the snow on the way to class and after class.
  • After some exams, large groups of us would walk across campus to eat Chick-fil-A. Most people normally bring their own lunches, but greasy fast food is so wonderful after a tough exam. Normally I study during lunch, so it was always a nice break from school and eat some waffle fries instead.
  • We had several Kinesiology reviews on Fridays, like how we had Anatomy reviews every single friday during the first semester. Our professor always brings us a bowl of candy to pass around the classroom. We’re all trained like Pavlov’s dog to expect the candy bowl, and a lot of people get pretty cranky when it takes a while for the candy to get passed around. During our last review, a group of people put all their candy wrappers into someone’s purse and backpack when she left for a bathroom break and we all thought it was hilarious.
  • We have one professor that likes teasing all the males in the program. He’ll walk down the hallway and say “lovely to see you ladies this morning”, and just give a funny smirk to all the gentlemen. It’s all in good humor, and it gets everyone laughing.
  • There are too many funny quotes to remember, but class time is often entertaining. Professors like to tease the students, make jokes, and tell stories during lecture, so we’re usually laughing throughout the day.


What are some things that your professors have done to make class more entertaining? Share your stories below!

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