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Clinical Practicum (Summer Year 1): Day 3

I had the same CI as last week. However, the first 3-4 patients that we checked on weren’t able to be seen, she had to wait to see 2 patients until the afternoon because their family members weren’t available, her pen stopped working, and she grabbed a pager but realized 3 hours later that the battery was dead. It seemed like everything kept going wrong for her, but I learned how important it is to be patient and flexible when working in a hospital.

It felt like we were running all over the place because a lot of patients had to be seen at different times for various reasons. I was able to watch her complete the documentation for one patient, so that gave me insight into everything that she assessed that I didn’t realize that she was assessing (posture, balance).

One patient made everyone laugh the entire treatment, and another patient really wanted to go home, but she wasn’t able to take more than a couple of steps before needing to sit back down. It was sad to watch because you could tell that she wanted to be more active, but it was too challenging to do more than sit at the edge of her chair.


How do you personally deal with stressful days in the clinic? Share your tips below!

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