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Supplies for PT School

Here is a list of supplies that I have used so far in PT school. While I did use a majority of them, you do not need everything to do well in school. Everyone studies differently, so figure out what you need. Your program may supply some of these things, so make sure to contact your school to see what you need to purchase.

School Supplies in Year 1

  1. Laptop or Tablet
  2. Whiteboard
  3. Dry Erase Markers + Eraser
  4. Bulletin Board
  5. Printer
  6. Planner
  7. Binders
  8. Folders
  9. Dividers
  10. Clear Sheet Protectors
  11. Paper
  12. Notebooks
  13. Pencils
  14. Colored Pencils (Eraseable ones are helpful)
  15. Pens
  16. Colored Pens
  17. Highlighters
  18. Permanent Markers
  19. Post-It Notes
  20. Index Cards
  21. Stapler + Staples
  22. 3 Hole Punch
  23. Tape
  24. Scissors
  25. Push Pins
  26. Paperclips
  27. Calculator
  28. Clipboard
  29. Modeling Clay
  30. Scrubs
  31. Nitrile Gloves (found in the First Aid section)
  32. Skeleton
  33. Recorder
  34. External Hard Drive or Flash Drive

School Supplies in Years 2+3

  1. Gait Belt
  2. Goniometers
  3. Reflex Hammer
  4. Stethoscope
  5. Blood Pressure Cuff
  6. Tape Measure
  7. Massage Table

Other Supplies

  1. Portable Charger (for cell phone)
  2. Envelopes + Stamps
  3. Pencil Case
  4. Drawers or Desk Organizers
  5. Desk
  6. Bookshelves
  7. Lunch Box
  8. Hand Sanitizer (to use after labs)
  9. Black-out Curtains
  10. Coffee Mug

Download a Printable Version!

For a printable version of these school supplies, view the resources page here.

What PT school supplies have been essential for you? Is there anything you would add to this list? Comment below!

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