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My name is Katie Avila and I am a 3rd year Doctor of Physical Therapy Student. I have been blogging about my life adventures since October 2013, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon!

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Essential Blog Posts to Read

20 Study Tips for PT School

I tried many different study methods, some more effective than others. Some worked well for certain classes and not for others, so I had to adjust for each class and each professor.

Tips for a Successful Interview

Interviews are stressful, especially when you have spent so much time, money, and energy in at least the past four years just to get to this point. It’s an exciting place to be, but it can also be incredibly nerve-wracking.

How to Write Your Application Essays

Here are some pointers for writing essays when you apply to physical therapy school. Please know that there isn’t a single best way to write your essays and everyone will answer each prompt differently, so do what works for you!

How to Prepare for the GRE

If you’re planning on applying to PT School, you’re most likely going to need to take the GRE.

Guide to Observation Hours

Most schools require some observation hours, which was definitely my favorite part about the entire application process. It’s not boring and you’re not just standing in the corner staring at the physical therapist and patient (although this does happen some of the time).