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What I Did During My Break Year

I’m halfway through my break year. I graduated in spring 2014, and applied to schools around August of 2014. I’ve been accepted to a school on the east coast, so I’ll only have to take one year off from classes! A lot of people take a year off between university and grad school.

I’m really glad that I took some time off from school. It’s been what, 16 years since I haven’t taken any classes? It feels pretty incredible, although I do miss school some days. It gave me time to focus on the application process and writing my essays, and I also have a ton of time to prepare for school.

I’ve taken two classes at the junior college nearby, one to replace a C+ in biology 2, and the other was a microbiology class that one school required.

I had trouble finding a job right out of school, unfortunately. My hometown is small, and there aren’t many places to work. I knew it would be difficult to find a job, as nobody cares about a bachelors in biology, but I didn’t think it would be that difficult. I moved back home to save money on rent, but I struggled with having too much free time and not enough money.

Eventually I found a part-time job at a halloween store for 6 weeks or so, and then I found a full time job as a warehouse worker. Neither of these are my ideal job, obviously, but they kept me busy. You don’t need a physical therapy related job to get into PT school, so just find the job that pays you the most money. Getting loans for PT school is pretty much a necessity nowadays, but try to save as much as possible before school starts.

Other than working, I spend a lot of my time painting and going to the gym. I just got a new macbook air, so my current project is to write down all my recipes into Paprika, so that way I’ll have a nice list of recipes to make for when I start school. I find recipes on Foodgawker, if you were looking for a new website to browse.


What did you do on your break year? Share your story below!

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