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Sickness + PT School

I’ve been slowly getting more sick over the past few days. I woke up with a sore throat for 2 mornings and had some sniffles, and thought I was getting better when I didn’t have a sore throat anymore. Throughout the day, though, my voice kept getting deeper and deeper and now I sound like an old man with a raspy voice.

I just want to sleep all the time, but we had an exam this morning, we have 2 more Anatomy exams on Friday, and then a Presentation and a Physiology exam next Tuesday. The work never ends, and it’s really hard to focus when your head is pounding and you’re tired all the time. I took a nap this afternoon and I’ve been trying to get to bed earlier. I hope this sickness goes away soon, because studying constantly is challenging enough without a cold.

Last week was the roughest week of the entire semester. We took an exam in physiology that very few people felt prepared for and only one person felt like they had enough time to complete the test. It was a rough few weeks, because this professor is new and only taught this small section of the physiology class for a few weeks. It was difficult to adjust to his teaching and exam style, and I ended up tutoring a group of my classmates. It was definitely a terrible experience, even though I understood the material and did well on the exam. It’s hard seeing your entire class struggle and feel miserable, so I did as much as I could to explain things to other people.

I took all last Friday to go shopping for winter clothes. It was great to celebrate after a long week of classes. I didn’t study at all that day, and that relaxation was much needed. I still need a few more things to prepare for winter, but I feel a lot more confident that I won’t be freezing for the next few months.

Well, here’s to hoping that I feel better soon. I have the entire week to study, so I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll be able to focus enough and have enough energy to study hard.


Do you have any tips for balancing a sickness with PT school? Share below!

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