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Hard to Concentrate

Happy thanksgiving everyone!

I have a lot of things to be thankful for. I’m glad I was able to spend thanksgiving with one of my classmates, since it was too difficult to fly all the way back to California just for a weekend. I’m also thankful that I’m finally feeling less sick, and that the semester is almost over! I’m excited to fly back home for winter break, and I’m pretty much counting down the days until I’m in the airport.

I’ll just recap the past week or so, now that I have a bit of free time. I got Chipotle for lunch and went to a building to rewatch the past few anatomy lectures, but nobody is here and it’s too easy to procrastinate. The library is also still closed, and it’s hard to get back into studying constantly when I’ve done nothing productive the past few days.

So here I am, being productive on my blog and pretending to study.

Anyways, the anatomy exams were different this time. We didn’t get any bonus questions for anatomy lecture exam, and the short answer questions were only 1 page long. The practical exam was also more difficult because we had to remember everything from the entire semester, and we had to recall the information really quickly because you only have 3 minutes at each station. This was also hard because there are 3 questions at each station, and some questions were hard to locate because there sometimes there was one question near the foot, one hear the hip, and one near the neck. It felt like a Where’s Waldo game, except you had to find a tag or a pin to find whatever the question was referencing.

The weekend was relaxing, although I don’t remember actually doing anything. I remember trying to study, but not getting anything done until a friend came over Sunday night and I was finally able to focus. I pretty much did most of my studying for the physiology exam on Sunday night through Monday night.

Tuesday was a rough day. We left for class at 7am, which meant waking up at 6am. We had group presentations for our Board Projects, which were only supposed to be 10 minutes long with 5 minutes of answering questions at the end, but a lot of groups had 5-6 people so they took longer than 10 minutes to present everything.

After 2.5 hours of presentations, we took our 4th physiology exam. That test was really difficult, surprisingly, and nobody thought they had done well. We were all complaining during lunch break and crossed our fingers that there would be a big curve to bump up everyone’s scores.

We had anatomy lab that afternoon, and then got our lab and lecture exams back. I scored better than expected so I was happy, but lots of people chose to not look at their tests because they were worried that they didn’t do well and just left for thanksgiving break. We also got our physiology exam scores back later that evening, because they were done on scantrons. It was a really long day for everyone.

We don’t have any more exams until finals, which is such a relief. This week, we only have an anatomy quiz. That’s it. I can’t remember the last time that we didn’t have at least one exam every week. It’s such a nice break. Two of our classes have cumulative finals, so this week gives us enough time to relearn any material that we’ve forgotten. My group also has a 30 minute presentation next week, so we’ll be working on that this week. We also have the final for one class next week, instead of during finals week, but that shouldn’t be too bad. It’s mostly based on our group presentations.

Well, back to pretending to study! Hopefully I actually get some work done before classes begin again.


How have you successfully dealt with group presentations? Share your advice below!

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