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10 Physical Therapy Halloween Costumes

You already know that you love physical therapy, so why not dress up in a PT related costume? If you’re in school, you might already own some of these costumes. If not, use your creativity to make the costumes from scratch!

1. Dermatome Map

This is a screenshot from a Youtube video, so watch it if you want to see the dance that they created! One of my professors did this costume for halloween while she was in school.   She bought a white bodysuit and colored in the dermatomes with highlighters.

2. Goniometer

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a photo of this costume, but my professor showed us a photo of one of her classmates who dressed up as a goniometer. They wore white pants and drew the stationary arms as the legs, and then cut a circle out of cardboard and taped that onto their stomach.

3. Skeleton

There are a ton of different ways to make a cheap skeleton costume! You can paint or cut a t-shirt, apply some makeup, or cut pieces of paper and tape them on your clothes so you can wear them later. These are just four different ideas, but I’m sure you can find plenty of others too.

4. Latissimus Dorsi

We learned the Latissimus Dorsi innervation and action as “C6,7,8, Swim great!”. Dress up as this awesome muscle by wearing a swimsuit that you already own. One of my classmates came up with the idea, so feel free to use your creativity with this one.

5. 1st Year PT Student

A group of my classmates dressed up as nerdy 1st year PT students for Halloween this year. They wore their gait belts, carried around goniometers and reflex hammers, and wore name tags that said “1st year”. Make sure to wear khaki pants, since we all know that PT’s love to wear khakis.

6. “Walker” from The Walking Dead

The zombies from the TV Show “The Walking Dead” are called Walkers. Bonus points if you dress as a Walker with a Walker (a zombie with a rolling walker). There are lots of ways you can use your creativity with this costume!

7. Retired physical therapist

Speaking of walkers, why not dress as an older adult who uses a cane or walker? UMES actually has an “Aging Simulation” where all the 3rd year students dress as elderly and put on a parade down the hallway. Show off your knowledge about gait patterns and assistive devices!

8. Reconstruction Aide

During the first semester of PT school at UMES, we took a class called Intro to Physical Therapy, where we briefly learned about the history of the profession. Mary McMillan (in the first photo above) was the president of the American Women’s Physical Therapeutic Association which was founded in 1921. This was the first professional physical therapy organization, and the workers were called reconstruction aides, which eventually became physical and occupational therapists.

9. Muscle Man or Woman

You can buy muscle leggings, a full bodysuit, or a cycling kit from various online websites. If you want to go a cheaper route, you can try drawing on a white shirt or pants.


10. Dr. Frankenstein, DPT

All current PT students will graduate with a Doctor of Physical Therapy, so why not dress as a doctor? There are plenty of doctors to choose from, but Dr. Frankenstein is my favorite because everyone knows that PT stands for “Pain and Torture”.

Photo Credits:
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Share your fun Halloween costumes below! I’d love to hear about them.

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