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UMES PT School Interview Invite!

I was called on Tuesday by University of Maryland, Eastern Shore and set up my interview!

I spent several hours looking up flights, hotels, and transportation, and now I’m looking up places to visit after my interview, since I’ll spend two nights there. I really didn’t expect to hear back this soon, so this is so cool!

In the next two weeks, I have to…

  • Practice Interview questions
  • Buy interview clothes
  • Get hotel reservations
  • Figure out what to do on the plane
  • Learn where I need to go in the airport
  • Print out a campus map so I can go exploring after my interview
  • Find things to do and places to eat while I’m there
  • Submit the supplemental application and the full application for another school

…while also doing:

  • Painting for my friend’s engagement/wedding
  • Wedding invitations for said friend
  • Hot air balloon festival
  • Minor league baseball game
  • Camping next weekend with undergrad friends
  • Studying for my Microbiology course
  • Continue going to the gym
  • Figuring out what’s going on with my job

I surprisingly don’t feel overwhelmed! I’m excited to travel alone for the first time. I also hope this school accepts me.


How did you prepare for your interviews? Comment below with your story!

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