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2nd Week of Classes

Day One

We had Monday off for Labor day which was pretty nice. The quiz today in Anatomy was frustrating. I couldn’t remember the answer to one question, and I changed two of my correct answers to incorrect ones because I wasn’t confident in myself. I still passed! It’s good that I missed some questions, so I know how to study a bit more efficiently. We had lecture for 2 hours right after the quiz, and it was hard to focus after that. I rewatched the recorded lecture later because I missed some information from the beginning.

I took a power yoga class that evening with a few friends. There was too much stress placed on my wrists so I had to take some breaks, and the ab workouts just killed my neck because we did them for so long without changing postures.

Day Two

I figured out that it’s easier for me to make study guides and flashcards than to pay attention during one of my classes. The professor reads from slides and makes them unnecessarily confusing, and I learn better from just reading the slides themselves instead of listening to an explanation. The other class is also powerpoint based and pretty simple, and I also learn a lot more efficiently by just reading the book. I downloaded a PDF of that textbook so I can type notes and follow along during class.

Day Three

All of the first years were required to attend graduation. Jesse Jackson was the speaker, there were two choirs and a live band, and there were lots of faculty there to support the PT students. I heard that all classes on campus were cancelled that morning so students could attend and hear the speaker, and because a lot of faculty from other departments attended.

The PT students wore these cool floppy hats, and were called one-by-one and handed their official diploma. I’m pretty sure I got goosebumps. Some students skipped across the stage and several hugged the head of the physical therapy department. Graduation made everyone excited to study hard so we can all get to that moment together.

We had more anatomy lecture that afternoon and learned about the nervous system. I sat up front and was able to pay more attention and interact with the professor more easily, as I’m still a little nervous about speaking up in class. I loved this lecture because it was a slower pace. Although it was more complicated then the bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints section that we’ve already gone over, I like that I wasn’t super overwhelmed by 25 pages of details and could really focus on fewer things.

Day Four & Weekend

Just anatomy review today, and more candy for prizes!

I drove 3 hours away to spend some time with my boyfriend. We played board games, watched movies, went to a baby shower, and went rock climbing. I studied for about 2 hours and then listened to the anatomy lecture on the drive home on Sunday night. I studied a bit more on Sunday night, but didn’t need to do much more work than that.

Anatomy is still the main focus for right now. We have our first midterm in 1.5 weeks in Physiology, so I’ll have to get better about studying for the other classes in addition to anatomy. I love what I’m learning though, and studying doesn’t feel the same as studying in undergrad. I don’t feel the need to take constant Netflix breaks, and I can study for a few hours before needing to stop and switch classes.

I also joined the fantasy football team with my boyfriend’s friends. I don’t know anything about football other than the basic rules, and pretty much just wanted to play so I could beat all the boys. I won the first week against my opponent and I still don’t remember any of the players on my team, but it’s still fun to check on how my players are doing throughout the weekend.


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