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5 Weeks of Classes Already?

Time is flying by so quickly. I can’t believe that 5 weeks have gone by already.

We’ve had 3 midterms, and I did really well on the one that I’ve gotten back already. Our anatomy exam (which is supposed to take 2-3 hours), and anatomy practical is coming up this Friday, so I’ll be studying all week to go back over all the pages of material that we’ve learned so far.

I’ve learned a lot about how to study more efficiently, and I’m still trying to get the process down better. Some professors teach with powerpoints, some require you to read the textbook, some have lecture notes, and they all have different kinds of exams. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to study for each class, and it’s a lot easier now that I know what to expect for the exams.

I started off the semester really focusing on Anatomy because we’ll need to use that information for every class in the future. However, I fell behind in the other 3 classes and had to cram a few days before the exams. It seems like all of my classmates did that though, so I wasn’t the only one trying to focus on just one class at a time. My goal is to keep up with each class from now on, and truly know all the material presented in each class before the next week begins.

We’ve all been collaborating really well with each other. Pretty much everyone forms study groups, and people post photos to Facebook if they’ve found really useful ways to learn information. We also made classes on Quizlet, so me and a couple other classmates will make flashcards and post them so everybody can learn from them. One person has Quizlet Plus so they can upload the photos that the professor uses, so that’s really neat too.

I love how different classes are from undergrad. Everyone is respectful during lecture and pays attention, people participate in class, I don’t get as nervous when I’m called on during class, and there isn’t any competition. Only one professor curves the exam grades, but everybody still helps each other out and hopes that everyone does well (instead of hoping that everyone else does worse than you).

We’re almost done with round 1 of midterms, and the 2nd midterms are starting 4 days later. We don’t get a break from exams until the end of October. It’s a lot of work, but I still have plenty of free time. I only study a few hours on the weekends. I make sure to study a lot during the week instead. Most of my class still goes to the gym a lot, and some go running during our lunch breaks. I still have time to catch up on my TV shows and call friends and family during the week occasionally.

I was pretty nervous before starting school, but I’ve totally got this. Some days are more overwhelming than others (mostly Thursdays, with Anatomy lecture, review, and lab all day), but I love what I’m learning and studying is fun when you can draw pictures and play with clay.


Did you form a study group in PT school? Share your experience!

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