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Group Presentation: Locomotion in Infants + Children

My group made a Prezi instead of a Powerpoint like all the other groups. I spent so much time adding funny pictures (like the Titanic in the corner, photos of animals crawling and rolling, Ice Age and Grinch photos, etc). It was a lot of fun to make the presentation look cool, even though it was definitely not required to get a good grade.

Olaf lost his head, so his vestibular system and visual system aren’t helping him with walking right now 😉 There’s also a buff Santa running on a treadmill!

The first few stages of locomotion are:

  1. Rolling
  2. Crawling
  3. Creeping
  4. Erect Walking

Here’s a video we made for rolling:


A cool thing that we learned was the difference between crawling and creeping.

The baby on the left is crawling, and the baby on the right is creeping. Crawling is when your abdomen is touching the floor and usually occurs before creeping, where the abdomen is off the floor. Creeping usually happens by 10 months of age, and some babies skip crawling and go straight to creeping.


Video for crawling:


Video for creeping:


At the end of our presentation, we had 3 volunteers go into the hallway and get dressed up. We then played music and had them strut to the front of the classroom while passing out candy canes to the audience. We then explained that having kids dress up during gait training can be a fun intervention, as is throwing a football while having them balance on one leg.

Here’s the video we played before the catwalk:


The presentation was really fun and we had everyone laughing! I felt more comfortable talking in front of everyone because this was my 2nd presentation in PT school so far, so hopefully I’ll feel more confident going into future presentations.


Have you done anything fun for a school presentation? Share your ideas below!

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