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Great Test Scores Are One of the Best Feelings!

Our pathophysiology professor was absent for two weeks, so we watched 4 recorded lectures and read the textbook to understand anything that was confusing. We did a short review session yesterday, and then had our exam today.

I spent the first few weeks of school studying mostly exercise physiology, so I finished watching the lecture recordings for pathophysiology on Monday, and only had Tuesday and Wednesday to study for the exam. I had 30 pages of notes, and there were a lot of details about disorders and the immune system that I wasn’t comfortable with. Procrastinating was not my best move, and I was pretty stressed out on Wednesday night.

We took the exam in the graduate computer lab because it was on Blackboard. The test was mostly multiple choice with some matching, true/false, and type K questions. We got our score immediately after we submitted our answers, and I got 103/100! I didn’t miss any questions, and got the extra credit.

I honestly thought there was a mistake, so I scrolled through all the questions and saw only green check marks. I wasn’t sure about several questions, so I was not expecting to do so well. My hands were shaking as I walked out of the room, and I couldn’t stop smiling when I told a couple friends how well I did.

I’ve never done so well on a PT school exam…or any exam, for that matter. I’m still on top of the world right now, and I took the exam 4 hours ago.

This is such a great start to the semester. I’ve learned so much in a short amount of time, and school is getting easier to manage now that I’m figuring out how to keep up with all my classes. PT school has its ups and downs, but it is definitely full of plenty of surprises.


What accomplishments have you had recently? Share your story below!

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